Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless(ish) Wednesday and Advent Revlog....12/3/14 #WordlessWednesday #Christmas

I thought on Wednesdays for the month of December and since I have your attention...uh hmm...I would not only share my Wordless Wednesday photos but I would share a past video I did during the month. Please make sure to link up:

I do hope you come back often and if you would like to subscribe to my YouTube, I would appreciate that very much. Here I am making an advent calendar of sorts.

This weeks photo I took last week when my Mother was here. We went to an annual German Christmas market in downtown Denver. There they were selling one of her favorite things, mulled wine (hot wine). Although I cannot drink alcohol (due to meds...sigh) I took a sip, boy was it good!


  1. I've not had mulled wine. I wonder how it would taste.

  2. I have mulled wine heated. Personally it taste like whisky to me and I have a tendency to gag on that stuff. My gramma use to make me drink tea and whisky when I was sick... sweat it out she would say! GAG!!!! yep... probably because of that I don't like it. Been in bed all day it would probably do me good right now. LOL Well, off to bed early today... HUGS... MY KINGDOM FOR AN OUNCE OF AIR!!!! arghhhhhhhhh

  3. I like mulled apple cider, but nothing alcoholic. I NEVER developed a taste for liking adult beverages. I guess that's a good thing for many reasons. I really like your advent candle idea. This should look really pretty in your living room, as you lite them up each day. Great demonstration! Martha Stewart couldn't do it any better than you. :D

  4. Greetings from London, Well that's a good idea although I do admire you for getting through doing that vid without keep laughing cos I couldn't have :-)

    Your mum looked like she was enjoying that mulled wine heheh! I can't drink alcohol cos of meds either arrrghh!

    Have a luminariestastic week :-)

    PS: Shouts Yaaaayyy WE HAVE FOUND Naila Moon


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