Monday, December 15, 2014

Mondays Music Moves Me...Holidays Just Got Better! #Hanukkah #Christmas #ChristmasSpirit #MondaysMusicMovesMe #BeTheMatch

Hello one and all! It is Monday and that means a new week and more music to be had. If you read my Sunday blog you found out that this week is all about "JOY". It is always with a joyful heart to join the ladies at the 4M's, hosted by Xmas Dolly and her co-host, Cathy, Stacy, Becca, and Colette.

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STACY (who had a b-day last week) AND TO CATHY (her b-day was yesterday)!

I am continuing on with my month long holiday music. This Tuesday my Jewish friends begin the celebration of Hanukkah so my first couple of songs are to be in unison with them as they celebrate!

First up:
I discovered this flash mob/ orchestra. This took place in Chicago. The mash-up of songs is great and to me gives the spirit of the eight days.

Next up:
I love the Maccabeats. This was a new song for Haukkah in 2013. Note the not-so-underlying theme.

The Maccabeats supported an 8 days match donation in 2013, which they encouraged people to not only donate money, but to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. I am in full support of this effort no matter what time of year. My nephew has leukemia as well as my ex-husband. If it had not have been for a donor, my nephew would not be alive today and in remission. Please sign up to be a donor or at very least, donate for the cause. Thank you! You could #BeTheMatch!

Back to your regular scheduled program...

Moving on:
Next up this song speak nothing but joy. *grins*

And finally...
A friend of mine posted this song on Facebook. It was done to celebrate Christmas but it was also done to break a world record. 1000+ people came together to sing and perform this beautiful piece.
I am including it in my post today because it also speaks of great joy.

~Tis the season...Naila Moon


  1. Fab flashmob ~ more like a Broadway production, don't you think? Maccabeats are a lot like Pentatonix, aren't they? Very cool group! The Muppets ~ lol! Now that's good stuff. The Piano Guys really rock. Thanks for dancing with us, Naila Moon. I hope you're enjoying the blessed Christmas season to its fulliest!

  2. Got to love the Muppets. And thanks for sharing the Maccabeats, I enjoyed them.

  3. The Muppets made me laugh, and my toe got tapping to the Macabeats, but that last one went straight to the heart. Amazing. What a beautiful version of one of the best Christmas songs.

  4. LUVIN ALL your fantabulous picks! WOO HOO! Muppets are too cool! I mean who doesn't like them right? Merry Christmas gotta run I'm fallin' behind again! YOU ROCK SISTA!!! HUGSSSSSSSS

  5. those are some cool hanukkah songs! i'm not jewish, but i'd totally listen to those over and over again! the maccabeats are very talented - I love a capella / choirs like that! thanks for sharing!

  6. These were fun I love flashmob vids they are always entertaining :-)

    Have a tanfastic week and sorry I'm a bit late I blame the sprouts :-)

  7. Ooh I missed out on the birthdays :(
    I need to keep better track of my girls.

    Thanks for the music and hope you are having a fantastic season!

  8. See Christmas wouldnt be any fun without a little Muppets to make you smile.

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Naila! You're so sweet! :) Love all your choices - that mob flash mash-up was perfection! And of course you can never go wrong with the Muppets. ;) Love ALL your choices! :) Thanks for the dance!

    The Christmas Song isn’t Red Solo Cup – Santa Tell Me because Baby It’s Cold Outside!


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