Saturday, December 20, 2014

#Review: Universal Fit Tablet/eReader Cases #shopletreviews

I do not know what the percentage of us that has some form of technology but I am sure it is fairly high. I would almost bet that many of us even have one form, think iPads, Kindles, and Nooks. I know I fall into this category because I have a phone and a Kindle.

The one thing I definitely want to do is protect my techno stuff! So, it is great that I received a couple of products from Solo. I received two Solo Universal Fit cases in two different sizes. 

Check these out. Let me tell you about the smaller one first.

This case is perfect for my Kindle but it helps protect many brands that are out there. It can hold from 5-8.5 inch tablets and can swivel for portrait or landscape viewing. I like the way it feels too. The color is perfect for me as well. Those straps are like little tension rods that expand for the difference in sizes but they also are strong and hold my Kindle in place. That is very nice.

I do not have an iPad or similar kind of thing but this larger one is perfect for those. It has the same kinds of things as the smaller one but holds bigger items. This will hold 8.5 -11 inch tablets and ereaders. It too adjust for multiple kinds of viewing.

Both tablet holders have this great strap too. It is magnetic and makes sure that my booklet stays closed when not in use. I like that because again, I will have the added. protection I need.

Overall, two great items from Solo and I think a winner!

Disclosure: I received these two products from for my open and honest opinion. The reviews expressed here are 100 % my own and may differ from yours.
~Naila Moon


  1. I know I'm a techy geek myself and the thought of my babies being hurt is unbearable! I've already lost one phone and cracked the other so I know how having sturdy and durable protection for your toys is important!

  2. Bummer... I didn't get one of those! That is so cool, and yes it would be neat for a Kindle. Way ta go and you've got me sold. I need to get one for my Kindle. Way ta go and thanks for sharing. ;)


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