Friday, December 12, 2014

#ChristmasSpirit ...Wreath Making

When my Mom was here over Thanksgiving, we went thrift store shopping. Now if you know me at all, I love a good thrift store. I usually am looking for something to be creative with or books. As it turns out (and usually does) I found both.

I found the following:
*some embroidery hoops
*green garland
*pinkish wood bells with red ribbons

I put together a extremely short video of what I did with them. Enjoy and happy Friday. (link up)

~Tis the season...Naila Moon


  1. Love the bell with it!
    I have a grapevine wreath I am working on and I this is great for some ideas. The vine is hard to work with and keep in place, but maybe winding it around one of those hoops would work really well!

  2. That's a beautiful wreath - you should be very proud of yourself indeed. Thanks for sharing.


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