Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hello, My Name is Naila Moon...

I have awakened on this early Saturday morning with thoughts swirling in my head, feelings of dehydration and a raging headache. I also have a burning desire to blog. Maybe that sound absolutely nuts but if you bare with me a moment, you will find out why.

Hello, my name is Naila Moon.

Or is it?

Well, truth is yes and no. You see, I began blogging years ago on that far away land called, "My Space". Then it was new. My kids had their 'space' and showed me how to have mine.
I loved it, it was an outlet. I wrote some, I posted photos. I did my thing in "My Space".

Then I moved on to "Multiply".  Here I grew. I grew as a person, a young, single adult with two kids. I had friends from around the world who laughed and cried with me and I with them. "Mutliply" we did but in love and friendship.  I was here without my kids.
There I met my now husband. Yes, I met him on line. It was my place in cyberland  where I was real. People knew my real name. They

However, "Multiply" would die with corporate greed and our group would scatter to the winds. Some of us found each other again in "Facebook" but it was not the same. Not quite. There was a loss that could not be explained and one without a funeral to cry over it.

My destination found me here in "Blogger", although, for a moment in time, I also tried "Wordpress" but that home did not suit me. Here in "Blogger" I felt a bit free again. Free to write those thoughts that needed to be put somewhere. I was free once again to post my photography, and my writings, my poetry and to create. Do you even know that side of me?

Naila Moon, my spiritual name, became my pen name. That is ok because that is who I am.

Slowly new people have become to know me again, the real me. A few months ago I met Lucy from here in Blogger, but I met her in real life too. The one thing she wrote about me later on her blog was that I was the real deal in real life as I am in "Blogger". This is true.

My blog has grown in leaps and bounds. I came to a decision and crossroads in life where I needed my blog to be more. If you have been here with me awhile, you know that it has changed from what it once originally was. It had to. This was a life choice.

However, here I find myself on this Saturday feeling like maybe I have gone too far away from what "Blogger" originally was for me. I still need that outlet,  'my space', to post my photography. I still need a place where I can write my thoughts and yet, 'multiply' the people I come to know throughout the world. I still need to see those 'faces' too so that I do not feel alone.  I want you to know me, the real deal, that Lucy so bravely met.

So, on this Saturday, with water bottle in hand. I introduce you to me again.  I cannot return in fullness because of the life choice needed. However, I return just a little to what I need and what I hope you will follow along in the journey.

Hello, my name is Naila Moon. Very nice to meet you.


  1. I so enjoyed meeting you and you are just like the person I met here on blogger, I am so glad you are going to post more of the 'you' here again :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. What a lovely post Naila I wish you all the best for the future :-)

    Have a brilliant week :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing more about you Naila.
    I know what you mean.
    Here's to a joyful week for you.

  4. it was nice getting to "know" you. since we recently met through our common friend Xmas Dolly.
    I hope the dehydration is better. water is our friend!
    Faythe from GrammyMouseTails


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon