Sunday, August 10, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Top 40 #1 Hits

*Taps computer* Hello, hello, hello...
I am back this week and ready to rock 'n roll with the 4M gals. You know these ladies by now: Xmas Dolly the head conductor, and co-conductors, Cathy, Callie, Stacy, and Becca. They are ready to ride the musical train with you.

This week they have a theme going on which is always fun: #1 Top 40 Hits for the Rock Era 1955-present.
Well now, this should be fun!


I was an '80s teen so, I have decided to hit that era for the top 40. Let's see what I have for you.

First up:
This singer hit the #1 chart of March 29, 1986. It is a funky sound and the video is just as funky. It was his only #1 hit.

Next: This next singer has had several successful hit songs with his original band and solo. This one hit #1 song was only for one week on July 19, 1986. This was taped during a jam session. I find it humorous that the lead singer is using his drum sticks as his microphone.

Finally: This singer's song was originally written by Prince  in 1979 who went on to win a Grammy for writing the song. The artist who sings the song only hit #3 for the Top 100 Billboard charts but hit #1 on several other Top 40 song charts including dance in 1984. According to Wikipedia, the repeat of her name at the beginning of the song was actually an accident but the singer decided to keep it for the tract. A little tidbit, Stevie Wonder is also on the tract playing harmonica and some background vocals.

Well, there you have it folks. Make sure to link up and join the foray! Until next time...Naila Moon


  1. Oooo, look at Phil Collins, I haven't seen him in ages. And I remember that one hit wonder Amadeus, so funny. And Chaka Khan, I saw her recently on the Wendy Williams Show and she is bone thin I swear. Check youtube. Anyway, great pick this week. Glad to see you're able to join us this week since I know you have other things.

    Anyway, Happy Monday and keep the music playing!

  2. Well, sorry but I never heard that Amadeus one... at least I don't think so.. kinda weird, but funny hehehe Then of course we all know Genesis... I really liked him.. we use to play one of his songs... now let me think what song was it.. something about a park.. dam now I can't remember what the name of it was. Oh well, but I love this one too! Great pick!!! Then ooooooooo girl you have not lost your touch! Shaka Kahn oh yeah and good pic too! Oooooo YOU'RE ROCKIN' THE HOUSE GIRLFRIEND... So glad you made it over!!! HAVE FUN!!! Congrats on that new lab top! You go girl!~

  3. I like all these especially Genesis Invisible Touch I just love Phil Collins voice I always thought it has a similar tone as Frankie Valli's

    Have a dancetstic week ;-)

  4. Genesis' "Invisible Touch" is the clear winner here. I was up boogieing with it. Before I read the tid-bit you shared about I Feel For You, the first thing I thought of was Stevie Wonder when I heard the harmonica. Isn't that wild? lol The 80s cranked out some dynamite tunes. I can dance to the 80s sound all day long!

  5. Okay i'm so on the dance floor for sure. Seriously Rock Me Amadeus is like my jam of jam so good.

  6. I love Phil Collins' voice. I was just listening to him while we watched Tarzan the other day.

    Loved all your hits from today!

  7. Three great picks!

  8. Love all the songs. I was a teen in the 80's also. Love them.

  9. it has been a while since I heard Rock me Amadeus!

  10. I used to love that first song Amadeus :)


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