Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...6/1/15 #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hey everyone. I know I am late for the music but hey, I just got in from a whirlwind trip to Colorado to pick up Tamirisc and our things. Our family is mostly now all in one state again! Wheee.......... Ok, so for the music. It is freebie day so, I will make it short and sweet.

Since we just moved from Colorado, let me go with this one in homage.

We have now moved to Missouri, so this one will be in homage to it.

Happy music ya all. I will be around later! ~Naila Moon

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  1. We gotcha covered girlfriend! How's the moving goin? Bet you're pooped. I hate moving! Wow, haven't heard good ol' John Denver for a while. Dave's band plays this song. Have a good one.


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