Sunday, March 26, 2017


Well, hello! I am back after a month, almost two-month hiatus. I needed time away for awhile as life was piling up. I also need some time to figure out how to move forward with some things.

First, you will notice the new digs. Fancy? Ok, not so much but a definite change. I like change. Next, I am sure you have already noticed the change in title for my blog and...

...what is that, a new name?

No, not really. I am the same Naila Moon as I always have been but if you have followed along for awhile, you would know that was a pen name or nickname of sorts. People were beginning to call me by my true given name so, I just decided to go with it. Again, I like change and I like me so...

More importantly, I wanted to change the direction (again) of my blog. The whole intention for blogging, to begin with, was for me to have a relationship...albight virtual...with others, and to get my lone voice out there to be heard. I wanted to have fun and enjoy life through blogging.

However, blogging got to be bogged down with nothing but giveaways. I enjoy that too but my voice had become lost in it and blogging had become dull to me. So, I have changed it!

Here you will see my musings come to play and hopefully a whole lot of merriment with it. Come back and enjoy. If there is a giveaway or two for you, that is good as well. Don't forget to see me on my other blog too, "Reading Authors". I talk all about books there!

Glad to be back!

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