Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Coffee Chat: If I Could Go Anywhere Today... #CoffeeChat

It is coffee chat time...for me, that would be Pepsi...it is time to talk about a not-so-random topic with Rory. This week she wants to talk about if I could go anywhere today, where I would go? Hmm...?

Well, since she did ask about just today and not long term, that makes a difference as to where I would go. Since I do not have a car...sigh...I would probably walk up to the nearest bus stop, hand-in-hand with the hubby, and head to Sedona. There I can catch up with my Mom.

I would ask her to drive us to the mountains toward Flagstaff. Have you ever been that way? Oh, my gosh, it is gorgeous with winding roads, loads of trees, and the river running along. I think this time I would ask her to first stop at Dairy Queen. Yeah! We would all get some ice cream and check out the Native American wares. Oh, my, their stuff is gorgeous!

Then, after all of that, I would ask her to take me somewhere close by the river. I have been wanting to go down there and take some photos. Maybe we could dip our toes in the river, skip rocks, or make the river move in a different direction by moving big boulders. We would certainly have a picnic.

Oh, I know, we could go down to the trout fishery. The water there runs swiftly and it would be cool to see the fish flitting about. Oh yes, I can see it and feel the cool water wafting over my feet.

After we spent several hours, then we would head back to Sedona and go up to Airport Road. This is on top of one of the mountains, although, I am not sure which. Anyway, we would join others who have come up there to see the breathtaking view over Sedona and watch the sun set over the mountains.

 I am sure we would hear a group of women singing their songs to the sun or hear a young violinist making beautiful music while people drop coins in her case.

Yes! This is what I would do if I could go anywhere. But...

Unfortunately, I have to go to work.

~Michelle aka Naila Moon

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