Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday's Music Moves Me...Freebie Week

Is it really Monday already? I have only one day off on the weekend and it goes so fast. However, we went up to Flagstaff, AZ via Oak Creek Mountains. It was a gorgeous ride as there was snow still up there.

When we got to Flagstaff, we went to Target which is usually a first stop for us. There was 10 million students from ASU in there shopping but the funny thing was they were all buying snow saucers. Seriously, those things were flying off the shelf!

Anyhow, being that usually Monday's Music Moves Me happens today and it is a freebie day, I am thinking about what I want to post. Usually, this is not a problem. Today, I am really having to think about it but I think I might have it.

One of the other places we enjoy going to is to two different bookstores: Barnes and Noble and Bookman's. Two of my songs will be represented by some books I found there.

First up: I found a book called, "Values from the Heartland". This gives me the idea for Neil Diamond's song, "Turn On Your Heart Light."

Next: I came upon a new book by Tina Turner called, "My Love Story." So, the music I am choosing this time is...

Finally: The last book related to my musical selections is the book by Justin Timberlake called, "Hindsight and All of the Things I Cannot See In Front of Me."  The song I am going to go with for this matching is...

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  1. Michelle,

    "Turn On Your Heart's Light" song was inspired by the 1982 blockbuster flick "E.T." hitting Billboard Hot 100 chart at #5. Wikipedia reports the songwriters (Neil Diamond, Carol Bayer Sager, & her husband at the time Burt Bacharach) had to pay Universal Studios $25k for using the idea from the film. Listening to this song brings back some sweet memories. I think mostly because of the movie. :)

    I really liked Justine Timberlakes' MJ tribute video. Fabulous production!

    It's fabulous having you on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week! ;)

  2. Beautiful songs. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Turn on Your Heart Light is a classic but you just can't go wrong with Tina Turner. She is the very definition of showmanship. Thanks for sharing your music with us.

  4. Good song choices! Clever way to choose them, too.

  5. Not sure if you know, but I had a major 4 1/2 hr. back surgery August 22nd. Doc decided to wait 3 months for therapy. I started therapy & had some Monday, but went straight to bed when I got home. Haven't been feeling so hot, but tonite I got up & decided to make the rounds to my faves. Great tunes ya got here girlfriend & was quite surprised to see you stopped by. Hope all is well with you & that your holidays was the greatest. Hope you stop by again soon! Hugs!

  6. Tina Turner's Private Dancer album was a classic and it's been a long time since I've heard that song. We need all the heroes we can get in these times. Alana


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