Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday's Music Moves Me...I AM SOOOOO LATE #MondaysMusicMovesMe

*Slides in from the left screen* Oh geeze, I am so late for the musical dance floor this week. The mind has been spinning and it wasn't about music. OY! So since I am so, so , SO late, I will just get right to it.

This week we are flexing our freebie week musical muscles. I got the stuff so, let's go!

First up: This past week I went to see the Elton John Movie, "Rocketman". I thought I would start off with his song that is an overall theme for his life.

Next up: I also saw the movie, "War Room" for the second time. I love this movie so much. The song is called, "Crazy Faith" with scenes from the movie.

Finally: I also saw "Toy Story 4" this past week. The movie was surprisingly great. This is one of the main songs for the whole series of movies.

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Peace and music,



XmasDolly said...

Girlfriend, I sure hope this comment works. My Linky to todays post isn't working can you help me please - I get so far and BAM it won't let me do it or post any giveaways... I tried to do yours and BAM... NOTHING! :( HELP!

Cathy Kennedy said...


'Rocketman' makes me think of the days of my youth spent on the rollerskating rink. That was such fun innocence. Thank you for the introduction to 'Crazy Faith'. I haven't heard of the film, 'War Room'. I will check out a trailer in a few minutes. I haven't cared too much for any of Disney's productions in recent years. Most of what I'm seeing by them hasn't captured my attention. I loved the first two Toy Story movies! Did Disney use Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in this one?

I'm so delighted you found time to boogie with the 4M crew, my dear. You weren't too late at all. ;) Have a songsational week, my dear!

Alana said...

You weren't late; I was! Well, I'm here at last, rocking with Elton John, one of my favorite singers. I had not seen the movies the last two songs are associated with, although I did see the first Toy Story movie a long time ago. Thank you for joining us - early or late, it's always appreciated.