Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Thoughts Tuesday...The Fat Tuesday Edition..link up?!

1. I used to do 10 Thoughts a while back but got bored with it.  I thought I would bring it back as a linky. Want to link up?
2. For those who link up I will pick and feature your blog for the following week.
3. Just came back from having lunch with my friend, Trish. She paid! Whoot!
4. I will miss her when I move.
5. Speaking of moving, it looks like my condo has been hit with a tornado. Ugh!
6. I will be SOOOOO glad when I get moved. When I originally moved here it was only two suit cases.What the heck happened?
7. Oh yeah, I got married and gained all of his stuff. lol
8. Ran out of black ink the other day. I just got some new and I am back in business. 
9. What that actually translates in to is NOW I have to actually do the papers for class. sigh....
10. Fat Tuesday has arrived. Get your partying on and enjoy the day because Ash Wednesday is around the corner. *throws some beads and stuff your way*

Peace...Naila Moon

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