Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...May 26, 2013

Hello all and welcome back to another Monday and Mondays Music hosted by Xmas Dolly. Can you believe it? Whew time flies!

Spotlight Dancers

Here in the states it is Memorial Day and is usually a time for reflections as mega bbq-ing and fun.
Since it is a freebie week here at the 4M's, I will just go with the Memorial Weekend theme or aka everything that has to do with the weekend of Memorial Day (at least in my eyes).


First up: The harsh reality of Memorial Day. In honor!


Next: The bbqs! *chuckles*

Next: Racing! Remembering my Dad who went every year.


Make sure you come by next week as I will be co-hosting again. Thanks Becca for co-hosting this past month.  Also, come by tomorrow for Tuesday Talk.
Naila Moon


  1. Excellent tribute & songs :-)

    Have a good Memorial Day :-)

  2. Those are all excellent selections, Naila! And that BBQ one cracked me up - I never knew there were so many variations based on location! :) Have a great week - and Happy Memorial Day! :)

    If That Ain’t Country, then We Rise Like Smoke for The Country That I Know and I’ll Sing For You, my American Soldier

  3. These are just wonderful selections for this day of remembrance. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Whoa okay those are all fabulous selections Dave will love that Barbecue one you should go Post that on his FB hahahaha All these patriotic songs are choking me up time to make some brunch for the hubby! NICE ROCKIN' WIT YA GIRLFRIEND! FABULOULASTIC JOB!!!!

  5. Great selection and I can't wait to show my husband the Barbecue song, that is a good one, what a great find.
    Have a wonderful day :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  6. I love the ASL video! Very good one. And love the music. Hope you had a good memorial Day.

    Enjoy your week.

  7. Fabulous Memorial Day tribute my friend! I love all of the beautiful songs you put up for the 4M crew & it was so great to have you join us on the virtual dance floor!

  8. Really great selections for a special day.
    but I am going to be singing that BBQ song all summer long. LOL

  9. beautiful songs choice sorry for the late visit


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