Sunday, July 12, 2015

/Freebie Week On Monday's Music Moves Me...7/13/15 #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hi Ya' All! This weekend has been filled with seeing more family and still hanging out with my Mom. It has rained here and we have not been to the beach yet. The water is way to high and in several areas we have had nothing but flood. At least where I am we are in good shape, except my daughter's basement is slightly flooding. Oy!

Anyway, it is a new week and of course a new round of music is just what we need. You know us here at the 4M's don't you by now? Lead by the dancing Queen Xmas Dolly, and co-hosted by the lovely ladies of Callie, Stacy and oh yes, me!  This week is sans theme so, let me see what I have for you this week.

First up: Friday of this past week, we went to see my second cousin perform in the World Finals Dance Competition. It was the first time I had seen her dance. She and her group were amazing! I had asked my Mom what song I should post and this was the first one she chose. So, this is for my Mom and my cousin, B.

Next up: This song is not new to me per se but I like that the girl breaks free from the hum drum of life. She wants to stay young. Ah, a dream...perhaps so but still...we can dream and pretend we are young. As my Mom says, "Age is a state of mind."

Finally: In May of this year, the music world lost a Blues legend in B.B. King. His music was known throughout. For some reason, I let it slip through my fingers to pay homage to him. I intend to correct that right now. I loved his sound and man, could he play that guitar. Let's let the "Good Time Roll" on outta here with the incomparable, B.B. King!

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~Naila Moon


  1. Thanks for sharing. The baby in the first video is cute. I like the middle song, too. As for BB King, I met him. In college, I was part of the Jazz, Blues, and Folk Committee. BB King showed up carrying a huge bucket of KFC all for him. He seemed nice but, his manager was mean as a snake and yelled at us to stay away from BB.

  2. Leann Womack I Hope You Dance is a pretty song and the vid that goes with it is beautiful. It's great to dance with you, my friend! Have a tunetastic week. ;)

  3. Aww! at first one, love Avicii nice tribute to BB King one of the all time greats :-)

    Have a tanfastic week Naila hope your doing OK :-)

  4. I hope I never lose my sence of wonder as well. great tunes!

  5. I've always loved that Leann Womack song - and I love that you got to go watch your second cousin in the dance competition! How'd she do?? :)

    The other two songs are also favorites of mine, too - Avicii is awesome, and there will never be anyone to compare to B.B. King. :)

    Have a great week - and thanks for the dance! :)

    just a Vagabond on this Long Stretch Of Love so Hold Back The River with some Uptown Funk!

  6. I"m glad you are having a great time with your mom. She picked one of the best songs ever!!
    Love your dance list.

    Have a joyful week!


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