Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hey, Hey! Will you be doing the April A-Z Challenge too?

Tomorrow begins the annual A-Z Challenge. This year, I will be here posting music again, all month long. You might find country, religious, alternative, jazz, and certainly rock! 
Just a note you might come by when you would normally see my normal stuff, keep looking please! Mondays of course, you will get to hang out with the Monday's Music Moves Me gals that I co-host every week.

I will try to get around to as many people as possible but with nearly 2000 people participating, that is not feasible to get to everyone.  In any case, I do hope you will stop here at least once or twice during the month and say hello. Yes, let me know you are here and I will come visit.

Happy April everyone!

PS>Please stop at my other blog too, Reading Authors, where I have decided to do music postings again!

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  1. Besides my co-hosting, I have lots of people I've met in previous challenges as well as people I've met elsewhere. That should be more than enough...


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