Sunday, May 1, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...Let's Rock It With Freebies!

HAPPY MAY! Whew, what a month April was, but I made it through the April A-Z challenge. I was a little banged up over at my other blog but finished here. Thanks for all of you that stopped by.

It is the first Monday in May, so that means...more music! YES!  It is Monday's Music Moves Me, hosted by Xmas Dolly, Stacy, Colette, and of course, yours truly. This week we have a freebie week. Let's rock the joint!

First up: This song has been running through my head this week. So, that means share it with you! I love Neil Diamond! Several years ago, I was in a Summer show choir that sang all the songs from, "The Jazz Singer." This song was sung by a duo that did the song justice.

Next: I have always been a fan of Billy Joel. I loved his music when he was young and I love it now that he This song was a request from a friend.

Last:This week I am visiting my children. When I moved, I had to leave my extensive album collection and stereo. I used to love playing records, they just had a different sound to them. For some reason, Bob Seger reminds me to play them. *wink* PS>I wish I could somehow get them on the plane with me.

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  1. Love these classics. Great music.

  2. Wow, look at Billy Joel he's so young there. He's even got all his hair and jumpin' around and runnin'. I bet he wishes he can do that now, but he hasn't lost his voice thank the Lord. Oh yes, I have my record player still and it still works and my records. I was always playing my records. Thanks for sharing and have a rockin' week!

  3. I've always been a Billy Joel fan, too . . . and Bob Seger.

  4. I do love Neil and then I scrolled down and there was Bob and well he had to go cut Neil off :)

    Thanks for the dance.


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