Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me.........Retro 50's and 80's Music #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hello my fellow musical people. It is time for Monday's Music Moves Me and we our having a theme week picked by our Spotlight Dancer, Michael G. He has chosen late 50's and 60's music. I can do that!

You know the music crew, right? There is the conductor-Xmas Dolly and co-conductors, Stacy, Colette, and myself. We are ready to rock this theme and dance to our hearts content. Let's go!
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Before I do that, I want to give a shout out to "Music Dude" Dave Moody. Yeah, the same guy married to Xmas Dolly! It is his birthday today. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!

Ok, now music. I am going to start with the 1950's because it is considered the real start of rock 'n roll.
What better song to start off with that one from the King of Rock...Elvis Presley! From 1956.

Next up: Rock 'n roll saw the rise of many stars. One of the more controversial was Jerry Lee Lewis who first recorded this song in 1957. Can you imagine seeing a piano on fire? *wink*

Moving on into the 1960's rock 'n roll still was reigning supreme but country and R & B was hot too. Great groups came out of the era which of course included the likes of  The Mamas and The Poppas. The Monkees, The Supremes, and The Beatles, just to name a few.

One funky group that came out of the later 60's was the hippie group called Steppenwolf. One of their more famous songs is "Magic Carpet Ride."

Finally on this retro ride,  as the English invasion progressed, one band, The Troggs had a mega-hit with their song, "Wild Thing".  To me, this is one of those stand on your couch and belt it out tunes. 

Well, as I wrap this up, the best thing that came out of the late 1960's! *chuckles* I always thought I was born a little late and should have been a flower child. *laughs again*

Hope you liked the music. Link up! ~M. M. aka Naila Moon


  1. Man, everyone is ROCKIN' the house today!!! Alrighta... you have really picked some movin;' songs here.. Woo Hoo... Now let's ROCK!

  2. Love the oldies I was only listening to Wild Thing in front of the mirror holding a banana the other day :-)

    Do I call you Naila still or M.M? LOLOL


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