Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monkey Mat #Review...As Seen On Shark Tank!

Back in September, I introduced this terrific mat for families. I told you that it had been featured originally in the TV show, Shark Tank. The mat is called, Monkey Mat and it is a wonderful gem that I am happy to have. I actually received their new one which is quilted. See this amazing stitching?


That stitching makes the mats strong and durable to last just about anywhere you use it. Monkey Mat can be used by all ages and since it is large, several people can sit on it at the same time. Even my goofball husband likes it as it is big and comfortable.

So, what makes this different from other picnic or blanket like items? 
Well, here is the first: you can take this anywhere. I do mean just about everywhere, beach, park, concerts, hiking, travel anywhere really. The mat comes in its own zipper and water-proof bag. The mat is also water proof and spill resistant. Win!

Attached to the bag is a strong, durable handle that can also attach to a stroller. purse, backpack, heck, maybe even a belt loop. Get this, the bag is also securely attached to the mat itself! That means once you take the mat out, you won't lose the bag. You cannot believe how many times I have had to go chase a bag because wind has carried it away. With this, that will not happen.

Here is another great feature: The Monkey Mat has weights in each corner of the mat. This helps to keep the mat from flying away. No more chasing blankets either for me. In addition, see those loops? Those loops are sewn into the mat for additional security. You can put stakes into them and be assured that the mat is going no where. Note: I did find out that the company sells stakes separately but surely, any camp stakes would do too.

Finally, a third feature: There are four more sturdy loops in the middle of the mat. These can be used for a myriad of reasons. You could attach your car keys, toys for young children, even additional bags or items. Again, no more losing stuff! 

I originally was going to give this as a gift but I have decided this one is for us. They come in a variety of colors. Mine came in bright red  they even have camo patterns which would be great for the hunters in my family. I think I will have to be purchasing a couple more for family members very soon.

Thanks for looking and reading about this product I highly recommend!

 Disclosure: I received the fore mentioned product for free. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

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