Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oh, Fudge! Chocolate Flavored Single Cup #Coffee #Review #BrooklynBeanRoastery

For a few months now, I have shared with you different flavored  single serve coffees. No coffee filters needed here.

This month I am sharing a coffee from Brooklyn Bean Roastery for the chocolate lover in you. The name is "Oh, fudge!" I found this to be a fun name for coffee. I took a whiff of the ground up coffee beans and wow, you wanted to throw the ground up beans right down your throat. Strong flavored smell there. The packaging of each single serve was interesting too. Don't you just love that kid on there?

Now, not being much of a coffee drinker myself, I had my taste testers...aka, my Mother and husband...brew themselves each a cup in the Kerurig. This time, their reviews were less than stellar but let me tell you why.

Both of them felt that the smell was divine and the chocolate smell strong, even before they tasted the coffee. The expectation was that the coffee would have that same strong chocolate taste. However, both said that the taste of chocolate was there but once each brewed their cup, the taste was not strong. In fact, each said the taste was mild if almost non-existent.

Now, I am not saying they did not like the coffee, they felt it was okay but were also looking for that chocolate-y flavor that two chocolate fiends love. If you like a milder chocolate coffee taste, then this one is spot on for you.

Disclosure: I received a 40 count box of the described product. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own or that of my family. The views expressed here may conflict with your own.
~Naila Moon

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