Monday, January 30, 2017

Fiction in 50..."Moving With the Times" by M. M.

Moving with the times, the place was filled with teenagers talking and having a good time. Everyone donned some sort of fancy hat that noted it was soon to be  2000.

Y2K was on everyone's minds. Music continued to blare. Were we doomed?

At midnight...the lights went out.

~M,M. Hudson aka Naila Moon


About Fiction In 50:
50 in fiction is the brain child of "Bruce" who host this fun writing challenge every month. The idea is simple, to take a prompt and write a piece of flash fiction in 50 words or less. Did I meet the challenge?

Note: The story I presented above is actually not fiction at all but was manipulated to seem so. Obviously, I left out many details to meet this challenge. LINK UP HERE

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  1. Ah...but we all remember that the world didn't end after all!


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