Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Am Back For Monday's Music Moves Me #MondaysMusicMovesMe

*waves* Hello my musical people. It has been awhile since I posted for Monday's Music Moves Me. Stepping away from co-hostess has given me some time to do some things I have needed to do. I am not back for good but wanted to come by to play this week.

What luck for me that I managed to hit a freebie week. So, let's see what I can cook up.

First: Today (January 8th) is Elvis Presley's birthday. So, I suppose I will start with him.

Next up: Another birthday today would have been David Bowe. He had some great music too.
Like this one...

Finally, Tomorrow (January 9th) would have been Joan Baez's birthday. So, let me finish this off with a goodie from her.


  1. Welcome back Naila aka M.M lol

    I like your tributes and the tracks you chose for each one :-)

    Happy New Year & best wishes for 2017 :-)

  2. Michelle, What a nice birthday tribute to these fallen stars! I hope you have a good week and may God's blessings be with you this new year! Hugs & love to you, my friend!

  3. What beautiful songs. Great tribute to these wonderful artists.

  4. Well, howdy stranger and welcome back... so happy you have stopped by to rock & roll with us a while. Love your tributes and choices you have picked of the greats. You always knew how to pick em'! Thanks for taking the time out! hugs

  5. Welcome back! I checked, and it looks like Joan Baez is still around. She never quite gets the attention she probably should.

    1. Yes, John, I forgot to mention she was not dead, it is just her birthday. I should have known you would catch that.

  6. Hey Naila, it's good to see you shaking around.
    Thanks for always thinking about us and jumping in whenever possible.
    Happy New Year.


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