Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Coffee Chat: Perfect Spring Day #CoffeeChat #Arizona

I am so incredibly late for Coffee Chat today. I had two doctor appointments today and had to take my Mom places, pick up meds, and jump hoops in general. Ah....
Oh yeah, and the net here at the house keeps going out so if you lose me...
HA, you won't even know!

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Coffe Chat with Rory!

                                         Topic: Describe your perfect Spring day. 

Here in Arizona, we have beautiful days although, often hot. Spring is absolutely no exception. Take for example the two-part mini road trip I had to take today. Since my Mom lives in one town and I live in another, we are about 15-20 minutes apart.

The road in between is nothing but high desert. Going toward my house I can see the gorgeous land with mountains in the foreground. Cactus growing among the bushes and Joshua trees spotting the land. The mini mountains along the way are dotted with those trees along with dry reeds and brush. If I am lucky, I might see an antelope or deer. Sometimes those mini mountains look like they go up and down depending on the day. Is that a desert illusion? Perhaps.

the photo was taken by my husband, Mark

Coming to my Mom's house, the Red Rock Mountains rise up to meet me. The red is enhanced by the bright sun that beams off of them. The clouds are fluffy and the sky is bluer than blue. The wildflowers that dot along the highway spread their fragrance in the colors of oranges and yellows. The wind whips the tall grasses in a natural dance.  All is lovely and...

I have no allergies.

M.M. Hudson aka Naila Moon


  1. I've driven through those red mountains and a few others in Arizona. Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by today. Nice to meet you!

  2. As you can see, I almost always late and behind too!! LOL
    but oh my gosh it's beautiful!!! What a gorgeous place to have close by and visit whenever you want. A hike there would definitely be on my list of perfect things to do on a lovely spring day. In fact, I think I am going to plan a hike for tomorrow because I am inspired now. :)


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