Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Coffee Chat: The Stupidest Thing #TuesdayswithRory #CoffeeChat

Happy day after Monday...ya know, Tuesday! I love the Minions. I totally took this from Rory B's page. I am sure she stole it...um, secured it...from someone else.

Who's Rory you ask? Oh my gosh, let me tell you! She is the gal I used to share my favorite beverage with, via online of course, for Tuesday's Coffee Chat. It has been so long ago that I am sure she thinks I no longer exist. I do, Rory, I do! I am back!

Anyway, she always has these great convo starters and this week is:
                                                                       Foolish Me -- 
What's the silliest or craziest thing you've ever done?

Well, I wish I could say that I was never an idiot and did stupid stuff but then, I would be lying through my teeth. In fact, I have done a few crazy things which I will divulge, but will deny later if it comes up again, especially if my Mom asks. Okay? 

So, a couple of things come to mind both being B.B.Y. (before baby years). The first is when I was 18ish or 19ish. My first husband and I went to visit his Dad that lived on Bull Shoals Lake. He had a ski lift kind of contraption that connected from his house to the boat dock down the hill.  He lived on a private cove too. Pretty cool thing. 

So, we invited my best friend and her then fiance to come down and hang out for the weekend. They were in college in a nearby city. As young adults will do at times, we decided to take off down to the dock, have some bbq, and party.   We had a few but not to the point of total intoxication.  

The next thing I know, the guys are stripping and jumped into the lake. Of course, they wanted us to get in too. Now, it was cool and all to strip in front of my then husband but not in front of my best friends! I hesitated a bit and next thing I know, in goes my girlfriend. Needless to say, it did not take long before I was butt naked in the water too. 

We drank wine and swam around the cove a bit and had a great time. The only issue we had after that was trying to get out of the water without completely falling back in and also somehow, keeping out modesty. Did I happen to mention we had no towels? Yeah, that didn't happen.
The other time I will mention is before we got married. We were in college and I was 18ish. We went to a college after play party that my then, boyfriend, was in. The problem for me is that I had just come from a not-so-unusual weekend party with my friends. I was already feeling fine.

This party turned out to be a barn party with 100's of kids and a whole bunch of booze. Seriously, I have no idea the different types there was including a few kegs. I know I drank a bottle of Moon Dog Grape 20/20, as that was the thing then. Good stuff!

Next thing I know is I needed to use the bathroom. I was drunk as a skunk.
The only one there was, was at the house from the barn owners, the line was ridiculously long. I finally got to the front and promptly threw myself into the bathroom and threw up. This would not be that big of a deal, probably, if it hadn't been for the several other people that did the same thing before me. Oy, nasty!

If that was not enough, we then went to his friend's house. I had never met the guy. They partook in a bit of MJ (which I did not for the record) as I drank more wine. I passed out.
Several hours later, he took me home. He was a complete gentleman, though, and never laid one hand on me. Boy, was I lucky and only had a major hangover to deal with.

Yeah, stupid!

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Stacy Uncorked


  1. You were blessed it all turned out well, and the good part is, you lived to grow up and tell the story!

  2. Hello and welcome back!!! Lovely to have you over for coffee.
    And boy could the two of us probably got up to some trouble back in the days - because I definitely would have skinny dipped - stone cold sober. Only at night though! cover of darkness is very forgiving! ha.
    The hangovers are the best lesson though, right? I mean that's why that kind of partying ended after university - you just can't crawl into a day job like that. It's painful. I'm told :)


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