Friday, January 7, 2011

Learning to Dance In the Rain

"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain."~Vivian Green

 Over the holidays I was reminded about how precious life is and how we should never take if for granted. Case in point is my relationship with my Dad.

 I have not spoken too much here about my Dad's condition but I would like to if you will allow me the moment or two.  You see my Dad is dying.  I know, I know...we all are in truth, but my Dad literally only has a few more days of life left.

You see, my Dad is dying of cancer. He has it spread throughout different parts of his body and was given 2 months to live. That was going on almost 2 months ago.  His life in the last few years was mundane and well, in my mind forgettable. Our relationship was extremely strained. In fact, I was angry with him for years.

So, how I learned to dance?  Well, over the holidays, I decided to talk...really talk with my Dad. Tell him how I felt and clear the air so to speak.

The conversation lasted 15 minutes but it was the most fruitful and loving 15 minutes of my life. He told me he was sorry for the mistakes and attitudes he took with me and hoped I would forgive him some day.

I told him, I forgave him two years ago and was just waiting to hear that he was sorry.  The weight lifted for both of us. Forgiveness is truly something of the heart and I am truly grateful for those 15 minutes.

I learned to dance!

I am forever grateful for the littlest moments in life.  I always have been but sometimes I need to be reminded. Sometimes, I just need to remember that as life is happening around me, I need to stop and appreciate it. 

I will miss Dad whenever it is time for him to leave this Earth but I also know that we are now both at peace with each other. What little time we have left together will be time to dance in the rain and enjoy it for it is precious.

Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. love that quote.. and still never go when the rain falls. learning to dance. Love that word. And really appreciate to avoid our selfish to give a peace.. how inspiring truthfully


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