Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Memory

After a long tough week, my beloved Grandma, Doris Evelyn (Murray) Dunn, passed from this plain of existence to the next at 6:55AM.
It was terribly tough seeing her in a state that was not her and I almost wished that I had not for I only wish to remember her as she was.  I am sure that I will never truly understand why those we love are taken from us.  However, I do know that they live on in spirit and that is comforting.
My Grandma was a truly loving person who saw many trials in her life but over came them with the grace only she could do. She lived through World War II raising four of her 5 children by herself while Paw Paw went to war. She saw one of her twins, Llowell and her second to youngest, Frank (Dink), pass before her as well as the love of her life, my Paw Paw. It is pleasing to know that she is now free to be with them again as that has been a pain she has silently carried.
My Grandma was also a very funny person, not intentionally of course, but some of the things she did made us laugh so hard. I was speaking with my cousins on FB two days ago and we were reminiscening about some of the things she did. Our favorite was her crazy Christmas gifts.
She always made sure all of us in the family had a gift no matter how old we were. However, as good as intentioned they may have been they were still a bit....crazy.
Case in point, when my daughter was in her young teens, my Grandma gave her a little kids fake lipstick and purse set. My daughter just played with it and Grandma was happy. Also, for some reason one year she was obsessed with...underwear. We ALL got underwear, some of us got them even HUGE!
There are so many memories of her that I cannot begin to blog about here. I suppose what I want to convey most is that she was/is loved. Her life with us made us whole and I will miss her most terribly.
I love you Grandma. Goodbye for now and thank you.
Naila Moon


  1. I know that your heart is hurting and no words will make it better. She sounds like a wonderful soul. She will always look after you in spirit.

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  3. Doris (or Mrs. Dunn as we called her) was like a second mother to me growing up. I remember one time when I was in junior high school we fixed a meal for our mothers in home economics. Something came up at the last minute and my mom sent Mrs. Dunn as her proxy. At first I was disappointed, but after the way she just raved and carried on about how good the meal was, my disappointment melted away. She was a very special lady indeed and a good neighbor. With her passing, we can officially say "there goes the neighborhood!" I hope there's a Bryan Street in Heaven so we can all be together once again as in the good ole days! Love you Mrs. Dunn! R.I.P. Bettye (Jones)

  4. What a beautiful lady! While the Corgi Prayer Circle and I send love to you and your family, I also believe there are many folks who see a lot of your grandma in you, Naila.

  5. Blessings on you at this time.... I know you miss her already.

  6. Sorry for your loss! She seems like quite a lady. Hope you're doing alright.


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