Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother of the Brides

My daughter recently announced that she and her fiance are going to get married in April of next year. This of course has caused a frenzy of excitement around these parts. She also decided that she only wants to plan her dream wedding with her Momma and that pleases me.  We have already begun to compile list of ideas and that is always fun.

With all the impending excitement surrounding her wedding, my son and his fiance ALSO announced that they plan to marry THIS year.
They have been engaged for about 3years now and finally decided they wanted to marry.  The thing is they have planned nothing and budget. As much as that seems a problem, we will work around that.

Even though my son's fiance is not my biological daughter, I have been her "mother" for a long time. She came out of an abusive home and along with my son has taken care of her since she was able to leave. It is natural that I am helping her with their wedding as well. By the way, their wedding is set for Halloween. whoa!!!

So here it is, double excitement in the air and all the things that make weddings great!


I am simply...Mother of the Brides.

Naila Moon

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  1. Oh wow, double congrats!!!! You have both my fav wedding times covered. We got married in April and we are coming up on 7 yrs, but my other choice was a halloween themed wedding!!!

    Excited for you!!


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