Friday, April 15, 2011

Soothing the soul baby style

One of the many pleasures of moving back home is getting my baby time. I am babysitting twice a week just enjoying everything being Grandma has to offer.

Even though my grand-daughter is a few months past 1 year old, I thought it important for us to create a play space for her in our small apartment.  I remember my Grandma had that for all of her grand-children and it is a nice memory for me and I want to make a memory for her. (and subsequent grand-children ?)

So, Tamirisc and I have a box full of toys and books which is of course at her level to dump and play in as she wishes.  This area is surrounded by some of my puppets and stuffed animals of (uh-hmm- cough) my younger days.

She played hard and we enjoyed our time together but then I think the jazz music I had playing soothed her soul because she finally went to sleep.

It really was one lovely day. I look forward to many more! 

Peace...Naila Moon



  1. She's precious!! Grammy time is always fun!!

  2. Oh so sweet. We have a toy area at our house two three of our five grandchildren are still playing with toys. Big Hugs!

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  4. So cute!

    I'm following you back. Thanks for visiting A Helicopter Mom!


  5. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! Returning the love...
    The Purple Goddess


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