Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi ya all! Have ya missed me...all 4 of you,
Seriously, I have been missing my music on Mondays but I have been hanging out with a one year old and 4 year old for a couple of weeks.

I am still out and about away from Colorado but I am aiming to get home soon! I thought since I was on a bit of a is almost 3 AM here...I thought I would hop on the musical train and enjoy the show. Don't forget this musical trip is conducted by Xmas Dolly and her co-conductors, Stacy, Callie, Becca, and Cathy! Whoot!

It just so happens I hit a week that is an odd theme but workable. This week is all about trains! So, I am digging deep on this one and as always things are up for interpretation...right? All aboard!

First up...
This song was a fictional train but became a quite popular song for the artist. The song has been done and re-done by many people including his own wife, June.

I had to pick this song for a couple of reason. First of all, he is named after one of the cars of the train. It is a name he took on and it stuck with him. His songs are often about the railroad in some form.
Secondly, I loved him sitting around with other country folk and just belting out a tune. This is something I have seen first hand in the "country" and lends itself to good times and special-ness.

I give you Box Car Willie!

Moving on...
This next song is unknown to me from this singer. It speaks of sweet innocence of children when the children in the song ask the singer, "Daddy What's A Train?"
Singer John Denver gives the answers within the song.

There are many songs about riding the rails of the railroad and taking trains. It is almost all gone and something of just shipping items across country. However, for many it was a lifestyle and the trains connected us from one state to another. We should all remember as they do in music.

I would be amiss if I did not include this song but mainly because I am a huge fan.

Have a great week! ~Naila Moon

BONUS WAIT...I used to sing this song as a young kid and often sang it to other kids.


  1. I like your selections although my fave is Last Train To Clarksville it brings back some good schoolday memories, that last one was cute heheh!

    Have a chuggatastic week ahead ;-)

  2. All good selections, Michelle! I remember singing, I've Been Working on the Railroad as a kid. What fun! Oh yeah, I'm a Monkees fan, too. Someone else shared this one and I almost did, since we have a Clarksville, TN. Oh yeah, it was Joyce Lanksy who put it up. Great to have you join the 4M crew. Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

  3. I have always loved Boxcar Willie-such an icon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great songs! I was listening to Boxcar Willie last night and he can sure sound like a train whistle. I wanted Wabash Cannonball to post, but could remember it had cannonball in the name, but could not this of the first word. I'm glad you got it posted.

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  6. Hey Naila! Of course we all miss you! Hope the kids aren't driving you too nuts. Well the theme this week is Trains and songs with "trains" you got. As always most I never heard most of them before except "The Last Train to Clarksville" on every other blog here, hahahaha! but I do like that song and Mickey Dolan in particular. You did good and got u rockin' down the tracks. Thanks.

    Have a great week and keep that music playing on the porch!

  7. Oh! I wish I had found that John Denver one! you picked some awesome selections. I really enjoyed this theme - train music is rather interesting.

  8. Actually I have missed you because who else always posts the same song as me. I seriously thought about posting a song by the group "Train." I'm surprised you didn't do that.

  9. We have certainly missed your expertise in choice my friend! Wow, I cannot believe we all missed every one of these. Although I must say "The Last Train to Clarksville" was posted too. These are fantastic! YOU HAVE REALLY chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug and liven our tunes up today! WOOOOOO WOOOOOO Thanks for chuggin along with us!!! Take care cuz we care! HUGS!

  10. There you are girl!
    Enjoy the adventure :)

    You rocked the house! Thanks for dropping in and sharing your music!

    Have a fun week!

  11. wow your first song choice I haven't heard in forever. Loved it brought back lots of wonderful memories.


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