Monday, September 29, 2014

October happenings!

If you have followed my blog in the past, you will already know that I love this time of year. I seriously love everything about it! The color. The leaves. Pumpkins. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then...Christmas! I get giddy thinking about it all.

You will also probably know by now that in the month of October, I usually have some sort of extravaganza to celebrate all things Halloween. This year is no different but I am toning it down just a teeny-tiny bit.

I have decided that this year I am only going to post a music video related to Halloween. You would be surprised at how many there really are. I had fun looking them up too. Each week will carry a theme...well, they should anyway but knowing me, that probably won't completely happen.

I will also be posting some other Halloween related things throughout the month but you certainly can count on the music every day.

On my reading blog, Reading Authors, I hope to post books related to Halloween as well. I am already starting off the month with a reading challenge that starts today.  I hope you will come and join me on both blogs.

Happy Fall Ya All!
~Naila Moon


  1. So where's the video and then you can join your old alma mater! :) hehehe I love holiday decorating too.

  2. pumpkin season!!! yeah!! Happy Fall :)

  3. It is such a beautiful time of season!


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