Sunday, November 9, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Freebie week 11/9/14

November is here and we here in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. My Mom is coming and that will be nice since I have not celebrated this holiday with any extended family in a long time.
Being thankful is something I try to do every day, even if it is just a small thing.

So, having said that, welcome back to another Monday's Music Moves Me. I am grateful for each and everyone of you that comes to hang out with me on the dance floor.

This week we have a freebie week and it seems I am feeling not only grateful but a bit sentimental, so let me see what I have up my sleeve.

First up:

Next up:

Check this one out:

Finally, let me go with this one:


  1. Hi Naila, I know you're excited to see your mom this Thanksgiving. I understand because I'm looking forward to seeing my extended family too this year. Gratitude changes everything for the better so I look for something each day too. Great songs, I love the boy groups and Mariah and Selene, so you rocked the house for me this week. Thanks for the dance and let the holidays begin!

  2. Oh that's wonderful news of your mom coming for Thanksgiving! I know how excited you must be. This will be a time of great blessing and celebration. We are thankful to have you be apart of 4M, Michelle! Have a dancetastic week.

  3. Happy for you. Nice selection of songs today.

  4. No one does play for me in Germany... but I know the songs.
    Have a great new week

  5. Celine sure can sing -- wow. she was a big staple here in Canada for a long long time. haven't heard her in a few years. All great uplifting songs that remind me of my blessings today!

  6. I have not heard these in like ages. These are definitely sing-a-long tunes! That one had Jessica Simpson & her X together. That was strange to see that LOL. Great tunage picks my friend YOU HAVE ROCKED THE HOUSE, and also thanks so much for pitching in. HUGS.

  7. Ooh my mom is coming too!!!
    What a fantastic thing. You'll have a great time!
    And you have many of my faves here too in music!
    Have a fun week!

  8. Yeah! You went big on this one! Great choices, I can't wait to hear your next one!


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