Monday, November 3, 2014

#Review: Artistic Executive Desk Pad Organizer #shopletreviews

It seems eons ago but I used to work for a major home care agency in St. Louis, Missouri. I worked with three other ladies in the medical records department at their home office in Chesterfield, Missouri. Our actual office for the department was about the size of my living room. Organization was key.

To say I was not organized is a lie, my desk was always in perfect order when I left work with everything in its place. Office supplies had their place and easily accessible.

Now, years later, things still have their place on my desk and to receive an Executive Desk Pad Organizer from the company Artistic, via, well, that just made me happy.

I really think this desk pad is very nice compared to others I have seen. Check this out:

*Semi-glossed, black soft leather that looks sleek on my desk
*Cushioned side panels to hold papers or the new calendar I will be getting soon
*It has an anti-skid backing which is nice. I hate working on a surface and things go sliding off.
*Five storage compartments with a closing lid keep all the odds and ends of my desk nice and neat
*Easily cleanable! That is a win since dust and dirt often come in from the windows.

Look how nice that looks on my desk. Believe me, when I worked for the home care agency I had nothing like this! It would have been nice to have then but I am certainly glad to have it now!

Two thumbs up! Thanks Shoplet and Artistic. 
~Naila Moon

Dislcosure: I received this product from for my open and honest opinion. The view expressed here is 100 my own and may differ from yours.

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  1. Wow, I never had anything like this even when I worked for the law firm for 18 yrs. LOL Cheap buggers! hahaha Nawww they did get the essentials, but nothing like this one. Totally cool girlfriend.


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