Sunday, November 16, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...The Brevity Challenge

Hello all, it is Monday's Music once again hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by those musical gals:Callie, Becca, Stacy, and Cathy.
This week is an interesting challenge by the former Spot-lighter, Joyce. So, I am going to get right to it. OK?
It’s called the Brevity Challenge.  
#1 Write ONE sentence or less on your post.
#2 Post ONE song that is under three minutes.
#3 Visit and post a SHORT comment on EVERY blog that follows the rules.
Well, I screwed up #1 already so, on to #2. ~Naila Moon


  1. Hi Naila, don't you just love this brevity challenge. Cute song, Heat of the Moment, but it's the first time I'm hearing it. Nice Thanksgiving clock you have at the top too.

    Hope you have a great week coming up and thanks for the dance.

  2. You screwed up? What about me?! I mean, I totally missed out on this week's theme. Oh's all good; we have music and that's what important, right? Have a dancetastic week, Michelle!

  3. Got to like Asia. Very nice, I have heard them in years.

  4. Took me right back to high school. Yep, dated myself.

  5. Ohhhhhhhh! One of my favorite songs I've not heard in forever!! Thanks for the memories, Naila! :) Have an awesome week! :)

    The Brevity Challenge: Take Your Time

  6. Haha I screwed up #1 too. Oh well come to time out with me.

  7. Well I haven't heard that in ages great song :-)

    Have a brevitytastic week :-)

  8. Whoa... us being conductors etc how can we give just one sentence, but I at least kept it short. Not sure if I like this. It's a bit informal and not really fun and very informal... don't you think? One time is okay just to see if we can do it. I FAILED MISERABLY - CAN YOU TELL!?! LOL Love your choice girlfriend! YOU SO ROCK.

  9. Wonderful song!

  10. great classic song!!!
    we don't have much heat right now -- been snowing all day!!
    Your blog looks so beautiful and wintery!! :)

  11. Love this choice! I wore out my Asia cassette tape as a teenager.

  12. This is an interesting theme.
    Thanks for rocking!


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