Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Introducing Alphabe Thursday with the letter "A"

I know that you all put up with me in April for the A-Z blog challenge and thought I might have been off my rocker for doing two blogs at the same time. However, this is NOT it!

I want to introduce you (if you have not already met) Jenny Matlock. She is the host of Alphabe of which I have partaken in before. Every Thursday she "studies" a new letter in the alphabet and just about anything goes. Really!

Some people post photographs, some write, do art, whatever you want as long as it goes with the letter. She was near the end when April came around. So, I waited.

Here it is again for round 11 and back to "A". I think I will do this round with ART that I make that begins with "A". Well, at least that sounds like a plan.

So an entry I did awhile ago I will start with and then forward make new art. Join me for the fun and link up.  ~Naila Moon

This was just a quick postcard I did for ICAD 2014 (hint new ICAD coming June 1)

This was a simple ICAD I did of the ABC's


  1. I love this A and had the same idea - Art!

  2. Good idea starting with Art !

  3. Love that you are doing Art! I look forward to your posts! I thought about doing Art also but maybe next time!


  4. Looking forward to visiting here this time and enjoying art!

  5. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to your A to Z posts for AlphabeThursday.
    Have a splendid weekend.

  6. Art! good one! I will be watching you ... like Sting :-) with love! Have a good week end and more Thank you for dropping buy and sharing xx

  7. Beautiful postcards, must have been a very satisfying feeling to make them! I'm not so good at crafting things, so I really admire those who can.

  8. Lovely post cards ~ rich with color! for A!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Art! All right.
    Appreciate your visit to my blog earlier. See ya.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  10. I've always had trouble when I've picked a theme. It just seems to make it more difficult for me to come up with something some weeks. Good luck!

  11. Very good art! I am happy I stopped by. Have a good weekend and I will check out the other blog.

  12. Such a nice write up! Thank you for the kind words!

    And thank you for sharing such a clever use of the letter A.

    I like your happy colors and I am always enamored of purple!

    Thank you for linking.



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