Monday, May 11, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...It is all about Mom!


Hello and Happy Monday! Crazy week last week but I am moving on into the new and fresh month with vim and vigor. Watch out because I have grand-kids tailing me so, you might see them in many post from now on.

Well, the official Mother's Day is over but we here on the 4M's are still playing tribute with some fine music all about Mom. Our theme this week is songs that have the word, Mother, Ma, Mom or remind you of your Mother.
Hey, that is just how we roll. So sit back or hit the dance floor and spin the tunes with us. 

Hmm....let me see what I have up my sleeve.

The first song comes to mind is an oldie which introduced a new singer by the name of Smokey Robinson!

Next up, I found this yesterday. This is actor Sean Hayes and hubby doing a lip sync in honor of their Mom's. It is hilarious but also well done. I have to send you to Facebook to see it as YouTube does not have it yet. I'll is work it!

Bext, It just would not be right if I did not have the Muppets chime in.  Here is Animal singing his tribute to Mama!

Finally, I found this song which is a beautiful tribute to Mom's who are single and struggle.

BONUS: Because I had too...


  1. I enjoyed these Naila especially The Muppets heheh!

    Anyway I am off for a nice steak LOLOL :-)

  2. Loved the Muppets. Great tunes. Love them all.

  3. Your first one is one of those smacks like duh why didn't I think of that! lol Your Sesame one I've never seen before, but cute. The next one I've never heard before, but what a heartfelt story. Very nice indeed! Bwahahahaha I remember this one.. LOL Great choice Naila... fantastic Had a great time! HUGS

  4. Ahh the muppets. I need to watch their movie fully!

    Thanks for making the Monday musical!


  5. Wonderful tenderness, joy, beauty and happiness in your tribute to mothers! My favorite song The Home That Mom Built!!

  6. Shop Around is a classic and The Home That Mom Built is so tender. Now, just when I thought Animal couldn't be topped, your last vid did it! Oh that was fabulous, Michelle! I'm gonna have to share that on FB. I loved all of your picks for this week's theme ~ good job! :D


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