Monday, August 10, 2015

Beard Oil with Argan & Jojoba #GarvonBeardOil

My son has been sporting a beard for a few years now. He has told me that he is trying to grow it out so that he can braid it on the ends. I think he is a bit crazy but what do I really know, I am only his Mother.

The problem he has been having is that most of the time, his beard looks like the photo above. It is usually scraggly and just out of control. He also generally has flaky skin so this also sometimes shows up in his beard and annoys the heck out of him.

So, then I get the chance to review a new product on Amazon for some Beard Oil with Argan and Jojoba.  I asked my son if he would try it out and he jumped at the chance. He took a two week test run and this is what the results were.

Can you see the difference? His beard is smoother and more in control. It looks in much better shape than the original photo.  Look at the ingredient the company puts in the bottle, all natural.

My son had a thought or two about this product. 

"The beard oil helped make my beard not flaky with use and made it smooth once the oil was gone.  I would be willing to buy more of this product in the future for my beard health. "~J.

I'd say that is not a bad endorsement. This is what the company has to say about their own product:

- It comes in a 1 oz glass bottle with dropper and contain the natural goodness of Argan and Jojoba Oil.
- Meticulously produced in the USA this beard oil can help you grow a silky, shiny beard.
- As the oils help soothe, protect and enrich your beard they can also help reduce beard itchiness.
- You can manage unruly beards, grow your beard longer and it fights split ends!- Suitable for all beard lengths Garvon beard oil is a versatile mix of natural oils and can even be used on hair.
- This version comes unscented - so no over-powering smells! Its long-lasting and safe to use.

Overall, I have to give this a thumbs up. If my son is liking the product for his beard, then that is good enough for me. His beard looks better and that makes me one happy Momma.

Disclosure: I received this product for free for my open and honest opinion or that of my family. The view expressed here are 100% our own and may not reflect yours. ~Naila Moon

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