Thursday, August 20, 2015

#Review: Labels @labeldaddy @usfg

My Granddaughter started Kindergarten this week which means she had a load of school supplies, book bags, folders, and lunch box to take to school. A ton of other kids have their stuff too for school which could be easily mixed up with my Granddaughters. I found a solution for her which is making personalized labels from

My Granddaughter loved picking out the label she wanted, which happened to be Minnie Mouse as a cheerleader. This did not surprise me since she wants to be a cheerleader. However there were many to choose from: Disney, Marvel, MLB, NBA, and NHL Seriously, something for everyone.

We added her name and her Momma's cell number and done! We waited a very short time and received them all packaged nicely. My Granddaughter was excited to start posting the labels on her backpack and folder. There is no doubt that these things belong to her and if her items get lost, the cell number can get them back to her in a jiffy.

I personally loved the color hues and the largeness of the labels. The labels come in mini sizes too so you can put put them on things like clothes or on shoes. If you can think it, you can pretty much make a personalized label just for you.

Check them out!

Disclosure: Naila Moon of Just The Stuff Ya Know is working with USFamily Bloggers and Label Daddy. sent us a code to order our personalized labels for free in exchange for an open and honest review. The views expressed here are 100% my own or that of my family. ~Naila Moon

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  1. Well, that's too cool and very special for the little one. Thanks for sharing.


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