Sunday, August 2, 2015

Monday's Music: Funny or Work Songs 8/2/15

Welcome one and all to a new month of hitting the dance floor with Monday's Music Moves Me.
School is about to start and excitement is gearing up around here as my granddaughter begins kindergarten. What a fun time for her and major adjustment for everyone else.

We are very close to our 5th Anniversary here at 4M's so stay tuned in. There will be prizes!
Anyway, this week is theme week, of funny songs or work songs. Can work be funny? Let's see what I've got.

First up:


Finally a service announcement:


  1. LOL well these made me laugh they should play the poo lsong around every public pool lol

    PS: I think I might have Hippopotomonstroses who what have thought LOL

    Have a hippopotomonstrosestastic week Naila :-)

  2. The songs put a smile on face. Thanks.

  3. These are so funny! I just love the Frozen parody.

  4. I really didn't pee in the pool. Even though I thought about it! haha.
    Thanks for the fun!

  5. Great tunes! Bwahahahahaha This was a great theme for you girlfriend! Great job!


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