Thursday, September 24, 2015

Girl's Night Out At Home Depot! #HomeDepot

A week ago or so, my daughter, daughter-in-law, and myself decided to try out a do-it-yourself project from Home Depot. We were not sure what to expect but thought it would be fun for a girl's night out. The DIY project was to make a pumpkin flower box.

The project called for us to use power tools and we joked about them letting us handle them.
In fact, we did well and managed not to even break a nail. (chuckles)

 I think we did well and the boxes look great. We could not paint them for a year as it takes that long for wood of this nature to dry. The very next day, we all got mums to put in our boxes and they are currently being proudly displayed at our homes. 

We had such fun and we're looking forward to next months project! We get to make a mosaic mirror.

Disclosure: This post is for your information only. I was not compensated or asked to do this post.  ~Naila Moon

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  1. What a GREAT idea for a GNO! I love that you guys were joking around about using power tools...heh!! Great job - now I want to go build something! :)


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