Sunday, September 6, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...Celebrating Labor Day! 9/7/15

Hey there! Welcome back to another Monday and Monday's Music Moves Me. You know us, Xmas Dolly,the hostess with the mostess, the ever lovely, Colette, the fabulous Stacy and yours truly of course. Stacy decided to take off to Hawaii last week without us (uh hm) so she may not be around but please drop by and say hi to her as all of us.

I want to congratulate all the winners from our 5 year celebration. Xmas Dolly has listed all of those on her page if you want to take a gander.

This week we are going theme again, I know, it usually would be a freebie but please hear me out. This week we are celebrating here in the U.S. Labor Day. It is a day to give homage to our working class who helps us make our country great.  Now, I know that we have friends outside of the U.S. so, I say celebrate your working class too. Celebrate what makes your country great!

Let's hit the dance floor now!

First up:These guys have been working their tales off since 1937. You would think that they would have shared their wealth by now. lol

ok, ok, a little humor aside let me move on to the next song. When ever I think of the working class I can not help to think of this great and funny movie.

Finally, although I am no country music guru, I am going to wrap this day up with this song. Happy Labor Day to all. ~Naila Moon


  1. Very apt selections Naila especially Heigh Ho hehe!

    Have a great Labour Day over there :-)

  2. Such wonderful choices! Why didn't I think of the seven dwarves. They were the original workers. Have a great Labor Day!

  3. Lol, that first one just made my whole morning! Well done friend!

  4. Hahaha Love the pic!!!! LOL the dancin' one too! Great tunes especially your last one! So Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to other tunes I go... ROCK ON SISTA!!!!


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