Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Holiday Music on Monday's Music Moves Me brought to you by Santa!

Hey, it is Monday and it is time to spin the tunes once again on Monday's Music Moves Me. We are everything holiday music right now. So, put on your jingle bells, a ugly Christmas sweater, and a Santa hat, then hit the dance floor.

I am ready to rock around the Christmas tree with you. This week, Santa is in the Spotlight and ready to jiggle like a bowl full of cherries. Here we go.........

First up: Ole Blues Eyes welcomes Santa in to town!

Next up:These guys rocked the rooftop off for Santa!

Finally: This one Santa is rocking the house himself! PS> This one is for you Dave Moody aka Music Dude!

Christmas Day falls on Friday. Jesus being born into the world is the reason for Christmas. It is a time to celebrate even when life seems bleak. This week is the fourth week of Advent and the theme is PEACE. Let us all strive for it and celebrate. (note: he speaks for 2 minutes prior to the music but his words are beautiful too.)

Merry Christmas Everyone! Your Loyal Elf, Naila Moon


  1. Great old songs. I love watching Santa rock on his guitar!

  2. You got some cool songs here girlfriend!!! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!


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