Sunday, December 27, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...Goodbye 2015 #MondaysMusicMovesMe #NewYear2016

Hello my friends. Here we are the last Monday in 2015. It seems like it just flew by like that! *snaps fingers* So, many tunes have we played and danced too...amazing.  Yet, we have one more to share before 2015 is a faded memory and we end up with a freebie week. Wow!

So, let's get on dancing shoes on and groove out. Shall we?

First up: This first song is about looking to the future but more importantly, looking from where we have come. It has been a tough year this year for many around the world but we have the technology and know-how to make it a great world for the dreamers of the future if we want to.

Next: This group's song was more of a political statement when it first came out. However, it tests time today as our world still needs to evolve. "Nothing changes on New Year's Day" is a powerful statement but like the song I posted before. We have to want change!

Finally: Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy all that we are given, even for the little things.


  1. Life has been an adventure indeed.
    Thanks for the music.
    Happy monday!

  2. U2 is a wonderful group. I hope something changes on New Year's Day because 2015 was pretty sucky with all the terrorism and violence.

  3. I liked these Naila I just love this time of year :-)

    Have a very Happy New Year with plenty of Nailerism (bet you ain't heard that before) LOL

    Best wishes for 2016 :-)


  4. I agree with Joyce somewhat. 2015 indeed was pretty sucky although we did have a few days that weren't too bad all and all it was totally weird. I know my dentist made out pretty much between Dave and I. ewwwwww Happy New Year to you and yours great tunes!

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