Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coffee Chatting about Life Songs and Getting On Track

It has been a long time since I just blogged because I wanted to...because I needed to write. I got away from my basic need to write for economic reasons in part. However, those reasons have not really panned out as well as I thought they would over the past 2-3 years. I am sure I have probably done something wrong but heck if I can figure it out.

This year is a year of do over for so many reasons. I seriously have got to get it together and find me again. It is easy to lose yourself. Stuff from the end of last year almost broke me in two, yet here I am.

Rory from Time Out For Mom and Cathy from Curious as Cathy both spoke about those songs that seem to be the soundtracks of your life. I thought that was interesting to say the least.
I guess if I was to say what mine is like right now, I would have to go with this one...

The song fits in so many ways. 

Tamirisc used to make CD's about his life, they were soundtracks of memory for him. I guess I never really understood that until now, but I do get it. You go through life and certain songs are played that just seem to fit you or it reminds you of a certain person or event. Yeah, I get it.

This is certainly a year of do-over for me. For fun, I took the same test Rory took to see what my life theme song might be for this year. Guess what? It kind of fit, well except for the vengeance part. (Note: this was a 2015 test but I just changed the dates)

What’s Your Personal 2016 Theme Song?

  1. You got: Blank Space

    Your 2016 anthem is “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. A year of new possibilities and sweet, sweet vengeance.

So, there it is a new blank space to heal, live, create, write, work, volunteer, do whatever I want to do.
I am starting again with this post. I hope you see more of me again in between the giveaways and usual stuff you have seen in the last year. It is time to get me back and I will!

Tell me in comments what one of your life songs is and why. ~Naila Moon


  1. Wow, that sure is a loaded question there. Hmmm One of my life songs huh? How about... oh my gosh I thought Crazy was one at one time then of course there was always Fly me to the moon because I just wanted to get off of this here planet. bwhahahahha HUGS TO YA

  2. Welcome back my friend! Here's to a great new year doing what makes you happy! I look forward to seeing you around here again!

  3. Welcome back! You know, I've been on a similar journey too.. finding the way back to Me. Not that life was so bad or anything; but it definitely was feeling like I gave up too much of myself; to be something for others. And you can only do that for so long. My creative spirit was bound.. and dying, and it was time to resurrect it! And boy does it feel good! Because it's me, and it's mine. But of course I have so many lovely people in my spaces too that make it even better.
    I hope all those things come to pass for you this year!

  4. All by myself, Take on Me, and Ready to take a chance again right now. This will change over time.

  5. Good to see you back again. This is the person I remember.

  6. I think Taylor Swift did a good job with that song. I'm sorry to hear you had some challenges last year. I can relate, but I'mstill standing too. :) Not sure which song I'd use, there are many that could fit. Have a great rest of the week!

  7. I'm on that same journey to come back to 'me' and writing - we'll make 2016 be the one to get it done, shall we? Especially since we both got "Blank Space" as our theme song. ;) Here's to us! :)


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