Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday's Music Freebie Day 1/18/16

* slides in from stage left* I am so late posting music today but I am here now, and that is all that matters right?  Why do I only hear crickets?

Anyway, since I am late and you know that I post music on Monday, let's just get right on with it. Shall we?

This week is a freebie music week which is great. Like many of my musical peeps this week, I am sure are lamenting over the loss of David Bowie and as of today, Glenn Frye. Let me also mention, singer, Celine Dion who lost her beloved husband and brother-in-law within a few days of each other.

First: Goodbye, David Bowie

Next:Goodbye, Glenn Frye

Finally: Celine sang it best...


  1. Cool you made it and I love your choices especially Celine. Very touching, but what's with the throwing of the dress around.... hmmm.... So many musicians passing so close... unreal!!!

  2. Yay you made it girl!
    Thanks for sharing.
    There is quite of bit of death in the music area.
    Hope your week is going great.


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