Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me 2016

Welcome back to another round of Monday's Music Moves Me. I hope you all are okay wherever you are in the world. It has finally decided to turn cold here in good ole Missouri. I am still hanging out with you for this week and all. I am moving as of this coming Saturday to Arizona. Huge change, right? As soon as I get settled again, I will be back co-hosting with my favorite musical gals, Stacy and Colette and our hostess, Xmas Dolly.

So, to kick things off here, I have made a new logo for 2016 (up above). Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know.
Also, this week is my birthday, not to toot my own horn but, I kinda really like my birthday and tend to get the shaft. So, celebrate with me on the 12th, will ya?

Let's dance now. This week was chosen by our Spotlight Dancer and former 4M's gal, Cathy Kennedy. She wants to do covers sung on/by American Idol, Great Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, or the Voice. This is a bit challenging for me but I think I've got this.

First up: Cover of "Set Fire To the Rain" by Adele

Next up: Cover of "Problem" by Ariana Grande

Finally: Cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Simon and Garfunkel

BONUS: This is not a cover per se but originally sung in La Miserables, "I Dreamed A Dream." Hearing her sing this again makes me laugh and cry as the first time I heard her.

Happy musical day to you! ~Naila Moon


  1. As the kids say.... "That as the bomb"! That tune Clay sang is one my favorites too!

  2. Nice picks. We both Clay. I think that great minds think alike.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful move. The weather should be nicer is Arizona. Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. I love the new button. It's spicy!

    And wow I remember Susan Boyle!

    Really good selections!



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