Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 Reasons Kids Have It Better!

Here are my 10 reasons that kids have it better over adults. 

  1. Kids can eat chocolate ice cream, drip it down their face and shirt and still have friends.
  2. Kids can swing as high as they want and not have to worry about their knees snapping off.
  3. Kids can eat at a restaurant for free or deep discount. 
  4. Kids clothing and things are cheap to buy.
  5. Kids can ask for $10 bucks and not be expected to pay it back.
  6. Kids can wrap up rocks off of the road for Christmas presents.
  7. Kids can give bouquets of dandelions to adults as flower presents.
  8. Kids can be brutally honest.
  9. Credit
  10. Kids are told they are cute all the time. 
  11. BONUS Grandma will take kids for the evening, take them shopping, let them eat stuff Mom never would have let them eat, let them stay up late, and spoils them rotten!
By the way, kids can make mistakes and not lose a job over it. Did you see what mistake I made?  ~M.M. Hudson aka Naila Moon


  1. All of that and more! And I'm all in on the bonus now that I have grandkids. Oh... it's the best! You said it like it really is.

  2. I didn't think of all the free things or discount things kids get. Totally true, but as I think of being a kid, I predated the chain restaurants and hotels that offer such deals. That note is funny and reminds me of a Johnny Carson tagline about a kid who wrote Santa something like, "you brought me a baby brother, but I asked for crayons." LOL

  3. Kids have it made and they don't even appreciate it!!

  4. Love #6. Rocks, sticks, half dead flowers are truly a heartfelt gift from kids.


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