Sunday, June 26, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...Still Hot Freebie Week!

Hello one and all! It is still hot, hot, HOT here in Arizona and on Monday's Music Moves Me. This week is a "freebie" week which means I get to spin the tunes and hope you listen and play along.

You know us! There is the conductor of this musical train, Xmas Dolly and her co-conductors, Callie, Stacy, and Me! Next month I am taking some vacation time but my good blog pal and former co-conductor, Cathy is hopping aboard to make sure things still run smoothly. Thanks, Cathy!  

I may pop in but if not, you will know why. Now, on to the music... Let's make it hot again...shall we?

First up: Hot!

Next up: Hotter!!

Finally: Hottest!!! (Image warnings-not suitable for all audiences)


  1. All fabulous picks my friend. You have ROCKED THE HOUSE! NOW LET'S BOOGIE! WOO HOO Have a rockin' week!

  2. thanks for rockin my house today!

  3. Great songs. Thanks for posting.

  4. That pitbull have such energy!
    Thanks for the music girl.


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