Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...Freebie Week!

Hey, hey! It is Fall ya'all and I am happy as can be. I love this time of year and all of the festivities that goes along with it. It has been windy here in lovely AZ but that does not stop me from groovin' and a movin'.

Speaking of movin', it is once again time for Monday's Music Moves Me. It is the last Monday in Septemeber, that is unreal! Well, anyway, we are heading out of September with a freebie week and that is always fun.

Before I head into the music, I wanted to let you know that October begins my homage to Halloween all month long. As usual, I will be heading up the crypt but I will be blogging mostly at my reading blog this year. I will have a few post here too.

Our pal, Xmas Dolly, is joining in for the first time this year and will be posting music all month. Make sure to come by every day and say hey and see what we are up to.
Now, returning to your regular scheduled music.

So, let me see what I can come up with this week. Hmm?

First up: Let's start with a little serenade to Autumn.

Next: One of the things I love about the Fall is the leaves and everything changing. This song speaks to that pretty well.

Finally: The Fall season always brings something I love which is football. I still love High school football games but then there is the professional games too. This song pays homage to the Friday night games and small towns. (Note: the music starts around 2.08)


  1. I enjoyed these used to be a big fan of Eric (we were on first name terms) ;-)

    Have an Sutumntastic day :-)

  2. Hey where did my comment go? I put one up cuz I remember I commented on Eric Clapton & how it was hard to believe that was him. Didn't sound like him at all. Hmmmm Also, listening to that guy that retired and telling the football players to care about each other etc. What a great speech he gave them & Chesney's song afterwards is cool... he sure put weight on too. hmmm It's almost happy October... woo hoo hugs

  3. Sorry I'm late!
    Football is my favorite part of fall.
    Halloween music theme next month? That will be fun.

  4. It is cool over here too. Love it! I will not miss the heat.
    I didn't complain much though because well, there's a time for every season.
    I haven't heard Eric in a long time.
    Thanks for sharing.


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