Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...#Elvis Week! #Halloween #music #movies 3/31

Hello my musical ghoulish friends. It is the first Monday of the month and if you have been following me at all, you know I rock out with Halloween in October. This month I am paying homage to all those boo-ti-ful movies of Halloween BUT I always stop to play some spook-tacular music for none other than Monday's Music Moves Me.

So, how do I combine the two. Hmm...

This week, we happen to have a theme picked by a mysterious Spotlight Dancer. Oooo....That is intriguing! This person wants to hear Elvis so, Elvis that person will get. NOTE: I have taken a bit of liberties with the theme this week. bwa ha ha ha

First for the movie. I am sure most of Halloween aficionados would not consider this a "Halloween" movie. However, in this movie Elvis finds himself on a hunt for a treasure map with a new love. Where else would this map be but in a ghost town where some pretty spooky things are happening.

This works for me so, let's go with it...shall we?

Song from the movie:

Finally: A conglomerate of Elvis songs for Halloween. (chuckles)

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  1. Sounds like Elvis to me. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  2. hahahaha Good one Joyce. Naila you never cease to amaze me. Way ta go mama... loved all the choices and the cartoon of Elvis is fab... and as Joyce & Elvis has said "Thank you.... thank you very much"! bwahahaha Have a bootafull day!!!

  3. Nice set! Love the songs from his movies.


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