Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Thoughts Tuesday

1. I decided to go back to doing 10 thoughts Tuesday. I guess I just missed doing it. You know it was kinda habit forming.
2. I am glad to see others still post 10 thoughts...nice very nice.
2. I am going to start cross posting these thoughts on Blogger. I have found a nice little nitch there. (hello everyone)
3. Blogger feels like X-ply used to. I suppose I can never get away from X-ply though because I have some really fab friends here that I would surely miss. I am glad to be making new ones there.
4. It is pushing 100 degrees today and the hubby wants me to make him my famous...well it isn't that famous...chili. 

I think he is a little nuts!     
5. Did you ever wonder why they call it chili? It is not cold after all.
6. I went to school this Summer and I really should have taken it off. I am so freakin' tired!!!!
7. Fall semester is only like 3 weeks away. Oh my gosh!
8. The hubby is having his 50th birthday a week from next Monday. We are planning to go to Manitou next weekend for his b-day. It is where he wants to go and somehow we are going to make that happen!!
9. Has anyone seen Despicable Me yet? If you haven't by all means go!!  I also hear Karate Kid is really good. I have been told almost better than the original.
10. I have already contracted with the Minions to be my Minions in my bid to take over the world. I am only writing this so that my #1 Henchman remembers to have them polish my crown. *wink*

Bonus thoughts:
1. My kingdom is quite small right now and it is intolerable!
2. I wonder how many people have taken me seriously when I say I am taking over the world?
3. You have? Good! lol
4. btw-it is nice to be sorta back. How ya been?

5. For Blogger folks I created a button. I like buttons but I cannot seem to get the scroll box thing to working yet. Anyone help me????

Have a great week...peace.

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  1. hi! came across your blog. i loved Karate Kid. if you haven't seen Knight and Day, it's worth it. Alot humour, action and ofcourse, romance. What are studying? if you get a cance stop by my place Rose at http://somewondersoflife.blogspot.com/ have a good day.


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