Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes it is just better to go back to bed

You know, there are days, like today for example, that you just wish you had stayed in bed. Or if nothing else could push a button for a restart.

My day started out with me having severe stomach issues. However, I just thought I would not let that get to me and go on with the day.  For the most part it didn't bother me much but I will still kind of sick.

I had breakfast as usual with Tamirisc out on the balcony. We were discussing a trip we are going to be taking next weekend and I was renting a car on line.  This is when the trouble for the rest of the day started.

I was just getting ready to take my credit card out to enter the numbers when another credit card flew out of my wallet. It was like slow motion as it flew out and I tried to grab it only for it to go flying off of the balcony. Thats right, over the side it went! I was yelling for my hubby to go and see if it landed on the parking lot (we live 6 floors up) and trying desperately to see if it had landed below us.

My hubby raced down stairs and nothing! So, we wrote notes and put them on the doors of each condo below us. All day we waited for neighbors to come home and answer our plea. Nothing! We called the building manager to help us out. He was no help!

Believe me when I say I was (am still) very upset. This card was not just a credit card but also my bus pass, student ID and connected to my financial aid at college. Grrr

Of course if that was not enough, my condo was a disaster. Now normally this would probably not bother me so much but frankly, I was a crazy woman. I mean, one dust ball was all it took and I lost it! 

In the path of all this crazed manic mayhem was Tamirisc. Oh yes, one wrong word, one wrong look and he was in the dog house for most of the day. Let's just say it was not pretty and he started cleaning out kitchen before you could blink an eye.

The day was just blah.  Even the dinner I had made for us this evening turned out whacked. What the heck?
Finally, I did seem to calm down and come back to some sense of reality by evenings end. However, if  as they say an ending to a "perfect" day. My Mother called only to inform me that a long time family friend had died, who just happened to be my Mom's God-Mother.

Ugh!  Tomorrow has got to be a better day. Oh, and I guess I will be calling the bank to cancel my cards too.
Watch it show up on Monday. was your day?

Peace...~Naila Moon


  1. sorry to hear about your day. the credit card issue would freak me out.i hope you find it. Sat. was ok, but relative having financial and legal issues. this is ongoing. we all have to go with the flow and do what we have to or we sink. hace a good Sunday

  2. Rose, sorry to hear about your issues too.
    Yes, sometimes we just have to go with the flow.
    Have a good Sunday and week.


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